Sichuan City Technician College is a secondary academic vocational education institution, which was added to Urban Vocational College in September 2018. So far, it has become a training base for high-skilled talents in Sichuan province, a pilot college of vocational skill level identification for students from technician colleges, and a training base for Car-O-Liner (Chengdu) sheet metal technology training centre and the vocational skill identification guidance centre in Sichuan province. Moreover, teachers and students in the past made great achievements in various vocational skills competitions. They won the national first, second and third prizes and honoured as outstanding participants in the 2020 China skills contest — national competition of key technologies for new energy vehicles.
For the year ended 31 August 2021, the number of student enrolments amounted to 8,600. Urban Technician College saw a significant growth in enrolment in recent years due to a smooth degree upgrading channel and broad employment prospects. It has been highly recognised by parents and students.

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