2003 Commenced operations through Sun City Development
2006  Huashang College began classes
2009  Huashang Vocational College began classes
2010  Total student enrolment of PRC Operating Schools reached 10,000
2012  Total student enrolment of PRC Operating Schools reached 20,000
2014  Total student enrolment of PRC Operating Schools reached 30,000
2016  Global Business College of Australia began classes
(1)   Huashang College was ranked 13th in Guangdong province in the Wu Shulian 2017 China’s Private Independent University Rankings (武書連2017中國獨立學院民辦大學綜合實力排行榜) published by the China Academy of Management Science
(2)   Huashang College was ranked 38th in the Alumni 2017 China’s Top 300 Independent College Rankings (校友會2017中國獨立學院排行榜300強) published by Ai Ruishen China Alumni Association (艾瑞深中國校友會)
Huashang Vocational College achieved an employment rate of 98.39% for the graduates of its junior college programmes for the school year of 2016/2017, according to the Frost & Sullivan Report
2019 Acquired Singapore Institute of International Studies (EIS) (formerly known as NYU Language School)
Listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2019, stock code 0382.HK
(1) Guangzhou Huashang College, Zhaoqing City, Sihui City campus was put into use
(2) The Hong Kong Greater Bay Area Business School started operations
(3) The Australian Central University (EIA) started operating
(4) Construction of the Xinhui District Campus of Jiangmen City, Guangzhou Huashang Vocational College started
(5) Included in the MSCI China All-Stock Mini-Index
(6) Landing of the first domestic college M&A project (Sichuan City Vocational College and Sichuan City Technician College)
(7) The transfer of Huashang College of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics is completed

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